Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jinx - My Red Fox Baby

I have wanting to write about her since the first day I brought her home. Many people stare and wonder why I chose a fox! I ask them why they chose their pet. I love exotics and soon will be buying a lync to add to the mix.

I drove to Ohio and bought this little baby at 3 weeks old. I bottle fed and my kids babied her all the time. They act like a cat and dog combined and are high energy animals. Yes I let me kids around her and she is not aggressive and has been grown up around them. She plays with my older adopted cat.

What did the fox say! That song is so annoying they cry though if you really want to know!

What do they eat - premium dog food like blue wilderness along with veggies, fruits, and at times meat.

The only major issue I found was finding a vet that would treat her. So before purchasing a fox make sure you locate a good vet first.

I will periodically be posting about Jinx and my other animals - Macaw, Chipmunk, and Cats!

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