Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bread Revolution

First of all let me say the cover on this book is amazing and makes me hungry. All the textures on the bread looks really good to on the cover. This was my type of book to begin with since I love baking and am learning now how to make bread from scratch. I have mastered the basics and decided this recipe book would help me improve my skills.

There are step by step directions and some even have photo's which I love!!

Spouted Wheat bread was one of my favorites the picture on page 56 made we have to try and make it. After following these directions is came out great and my whole family loved it. any one that likes to bake especially bread should try this one out. There are so many cool recipes and even has sour dough! This was put together perfectly and I may even buy my friend one of these since he is an amazing chef who has mastered tons of bread recipes I think this would be a great add for even an expert.

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