Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last Mouse Lost Review

The Last Mouse Lost game is a fun and quick game. My 8 year old and myself tried it out first. She was definitely ahead of me and  thought I won when I picked the last one to make a row. I think this is a very family oriented game that can be enjoyed over and over again. This game is for 2 players and they get to think and plan their moves. 

Ultimately it gets the brain moving which is always a good thing. My family really has enjoyed this game and I know it will be a favorite. I think one of the main features is it's a quick game and not one of those forever ones!!

Building a Better Trap
FoxMind's Last Mouse Lost Game is Easy, Affordable, Addictive Fun

Make sure that you're not lost without FoxMind's new game, Last Mouse Lost.
The quick, easy, and smart game without any loose parts and unique design, is an affordable, perfect stocking stuffer, executive desk gift, waiting room game, and coffee table conversation piece.  It's technically a quick thinking reasoning, math strategy game that can have planned moves, but with every turn, the trap can be set and your next move might be the last mouse - and you lost. The new Last Mouse Lost game (MSRP $7.99) is a self-contained two-player game that is perfect for passing the time while traveling or used simply for stress relief because it is quite relaxing to squish the mice . The circular rubberized board has rows of puffed up bubble-like mounds with pictures of mice on each one. Players take turns pressing down any number of mice in a single row trying to avoid being the player to press down the last mouse. As soon as the game is over, just flip it over and it's ready to go again.
It's even dishwasher safe.

****Disclaimer I received this product an exchange for my honest review****

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