Friday, October 17, 2014

Skinny Jane Weight Loss for Women's "Skinny Burn" Review.

First of all before I start this review just know there are no miracle diets for weight loss and that eating right and exercising do play a huge part in it.

I have been taking Skinny Jane now for 11 days and during this time have been eating clean and walking daily. I would love to do more exercise but right now with bulging discs in my lower back I am pretty restricted. 

I take Skinny Jane twice a day as the directions state. The pills are very easy to swallow and no nasty tastes like others. 

So there were no bad sides effect as I was a bit concerned with since I did not want jitters or to feel antsy. I could see a difference with my energy levels though and food cravings right away. 

When I did sit down to set I definitely was not eating as much. I am sure everyone's results will be different with this pill I have lost 2 pounds which I am happy with. If you drop weight extremely quick more than likely it's going to come back. They say 1 to 2 pounds  a week is what they would like to see when losing weight. 

It is a lifestyle change though and you really must change your bad habits if you want results

Product Description
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Company Description: 

Skinny Jane helps women lose weight and be healthier and happier. We offer two weight loss challenges and several weight loss supplements on our website, The product we are promoting here is Skinny Jane's Skinny Burn; we sell it on Amazon and on You will be receiving a bottle with 60 capsules. This is a weight loss and energy supplement.  However, the goal of this promotion is for you to experience the energy, elavated mood and decreased appetite it gives.

Product and Ordering Information:

You will be ordering your Skinny Burn through Amazon, so that we can track it. Skinny Burn is fulfilled by Skinny Jane and Amazon. You have to choose the one fulfilled by Skinny Jane, not Amazon. You will receive two codes that you will have to use on Amazon (one to receive the Skinny Burn for free and one for free shipping).

What You Will Receive and Description:

Skinny Burn was formulated to help curb your appetite, burn body fat more efficiently and give you energy. Skinny Burn contains a special combination of 9 ingredients that work together to make your body a fat burning and energy producing machine. Skinny Burn does contain 50 mg of caffeine per capsule, and you will be getting 100-200 mg of caffeine daily (about the same amount as in a strong cup of coffee). If you are sensitive to caffeine, please do not apply for this promotion.

Skinny Burn won’t give you the jitters like so many other weight loss products. However, it will give you the energy you need to stay focused and motivated to lose weight and stay on track.
Whether you are just starting your weight loss plan or you are trying to lose that last 10 lbs, Skinny Burn will help you! 

        * Speeds metabolism
        * Burns body fat
  • * Reduces cravings
    * Gives you energy without jitters
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