Saturday, January 3, 2015

Avasa Bikram Yoga Towel Review

I was very happy to have the chance to review this Yoga towel an exchange for my review. I have bulging discs in my lower back and the only type of low impact exercise I can do is yoga. The last mat/towel I had slid all over the place making it impossible for me to actually do my poses. This towel does not slid at all and worked great. It was perfect size for me and I am 5'11 so this would work for both tall and short people. The color is also very pretty and received compliments on it. 
Product Description
Avasa Premium Bikram Hot Yoga Towel - 100% Microfiber, Skidless, Non Slip, Absorbent, Light Weight - Standard Yoga Mat Size. Perfect for Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, Excercise, and Outdoors

  • - Designed with the Yogi in mind: To Increase Traction and Reduce Slipping
    - Material is made of the 100% microfiber, making it ideal for Maximum Sweat Absorption and Quick Drying. High -quality stitching and material tested for long lasting Durability.
    - Machine Washable and Dryer Safe. 24" x 72" Dimension to fit the standard Yoga size mat.
    - Perfect for Bikram, Vinyasa Yoga, and Pilates. It's light-weight and compact form factor makes it great for using it by the pool, traveling, or hanging by the beach.

In a 40.6°C / 105°F heated room with multiple bodies executing various Bikram Yoga poses, it's going to be HOT

You'll need a towel that's designed for maximum sweat absorption. The Avasa Hot Yoga towel is super absorptive, yet it's also quick drying and light weight. When wet, the towel provides traction and reduces slipping, two benefits that not all other yoga towels have. 

Perspiration is normal; you're flushing toxins from your body, but you'll need a towel to handle your every sweat gland. The Avasa Hot Yoga Towel is your sweat companion. 

Preserve your yoga mat for years to come with the premium and durable AVASA Hot Yoga Towel and hold your pose with more confidence. 

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