Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chia Water Review.

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to review Xiomega's Chia Water in 4 different flavors. I was delighted since I do try to only eat and drink healthy items. These drinks are very healthy and had a variety so when I was sick of regular water I could drink one of these and it almost seemed like a treat.

My favorite was the mixed berries as it tasted great and left no after taste or anything else. The Mango ranked in second, third I would say was the tea and lastly was the lemon lime. They were all very good but we all have flavor preferences.

I would recommend these to anyone that is on a diet or just even needs a good drink.

Chia Water has all the benefits of Chia, with no seeds inside! The only Seedless Chia based drink in the market. The line has 4 flavors: - Mixed Berries - Lemon Lime - Lemon Tea - Mango Passion Delicious, fresh and crisp flavor, charged with Omega3's, Antioxidants and Fiber. It's perfect for a healthy snack, at lunch time, or even after doing some excercise. A true healthy refreshment.

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