Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Your Weigh Adjustable 1lb. Wrist Weights Review.

I had a great opportunity to review these wrist weights the last few weeks. I have been using them while doing my daily exercises such as squats to add a little more intensity. I am a beginner for working out and these work perfectly with my day to day routine. They fit perfectly around my rest and allow me to add to my workout.

I think anyone doing exercise should use these even if your just walking these will help give you a little more to your walk.

Restore muscle fitness, trim, and tone with the Your Weigh wrist weights workout equipment providing resistance, and burning more calories during exercise resulting in accelerated weight loss and increased muscle tone.  These 1lb. weights are a comfortable fit with adjustable velcro enclosures surrounding a stretchable neoprene band allowing for a secure cushion for you wrist or ankle protecting against any muscle stain.  
GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS - Makes a wonderful gift for the weight and/or muscle fitness conscious friends and family in your life.  Be a positive influence for a healthy lifestyle. 

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