Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kitchen Grinder Set Review

Here is really cute set of salt & pepper shakes that I had a chance to try out. I love having the option to grind pepper and of course salt instead of the regular old shakers. I have been using these the past week and must say first they look amazing on my counters and secondly they work perfect. They grind the peppercorn perfect and are very easy to use.

Product Description
Stunning Glass Sphere Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
GET READY FOR THEM TO STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT With its striking black and white color scheme and eloquent globe design, your new peeler set are sure to be one of the highlights of your kitchen. They looks terrific right in the middle of a busy dinner table. They are the perfect size and easy to use. Dimensions are 8x8x12.5cm, they hold a large amount of salt and pepper with no need for constant fill ups. Built with an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism that lets you manually choose the coarseness of the seasoning, from fine to coarse. They leave no mess on you counter. The material is made of a glass bottle, black/white ABS, copper nut, stainless steel 201 ring, Ceramic Mechanism.
A TERRIFIC GIFT IDEA A bobu Cuisine salt and pepper grinder set makes for a terrific and inexpensive gift. It's easy to buy, easy to use and sure to bring tons of smiles, along with class and fun to someone's kitchen. Family, friend or colleague, truly makes a great gift for anyone.
ORIGINAL RECIPES INCLUDED We provide tips, tricks and recipes so you can start getting creative with your new grinder set -From salted caramel dip to focaccia bread, we walk you through how to make the best use out of your new grinders. Impress your family and friends with delicious creations.

Disclaimer - I received this product an exchange for my honest review

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