Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2 Natural Peel Off Nail Polish Review

I recently received the blue nail polish by Play Laugh Love. I knew my two daughters would love trying it out. I was excited since there were no harsh chemicals and peel off. The color was very pretty and was simple to apply. 

There really was no smell at all either when applying it which is even better since we have exotic animals that do not do well with odors and toxins.

Play Laugh love offers a variety of colors which all little girls will love. 

My opinion this is a great product and I will be buying more in the future for my girls. This was a perfect idea and the polish lasts for a long time and does not flake away in a day. Plus it peels off like a sticker!!!

Product Description

The first ever patented formula of a natural peel off nail polish made with fruits and vegetables. Truly, as natural as it gets!!! Play Love Laugh Natural Peel Off Nail Polishes, made by Hugo Naturals, is made with carrots, beets, spinach, Acerola cherries, black currents, sugar.....what other nail polishes have these ingredients in them?!?!?!? Though these are safe if ingested, they are NOT made for eating!!! Our polishes currently come in 12 beautiful colors that are extremely quick drying. 2 coats suggested and voila!

Play Love Laugh polishes are 5- free, odorless, kid friendly, eco friendly, vegan, gluten free, quick drying, animal friendly and safe for pets to use, safe for expecting moms, and NO top or bottom coat needed, NO stinky expensive nail polish removers are needed, and we are free of nitrocellulose/alcohols/acetates/acetones/ethers, and free of FD&C dyes. Completely toxic free, noncarcinogenic, and really completely truly odorless!

Though our polishes are WATER PROOF, for removal, all you need is warm to hot water. When you are ready to remove your beautiful nail polishes, run them directly under warm/hot water, or soak them during a bath, and the polishes will soften. Once they are soft, at the base of your nail, lift up like you are taking off a sticker and discard remaining. If your polishes soften but you are NOT ready to take them off, run them under cool water for 10 seconds and they will reset. Depending on lifestyle, longevity on toenails ranges from 7-30 days (average 14 days) and again, depending on lifestyle, the longevity on fingernails ranges from 1-7 days (average 4-5 days).

You can buy this directly on their website Play Laugh Love by clicking here

***Disclaimer I received this product an exchange for my honest review***

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