Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bloominus DIY Floral Review #Bloominus Wedding Flowers

Bloominus is a new company provides everything you need for those special occasions. You can check out there site by clicking here. This will take you to their landing page which first and foremost describes there services. Bloominus offers multiple styles such as Enchanted Elegance, Party Pop, Vintage Cottage, Bohemian Desert, Country Charm, and Eco Chic. I know on of these collections will fit your personality.  

Look at some of the beautiful kits they have available. I am personally in love with the Vintage Cottage Collection and think I will be using them for my Spring Wedding. Check out the link below with more photo's for the Vintage style.

Bloominus does offer a trial at cost of course before committing to the whole kit to make sure it will work for you. The cost of wedding flowers and arrangements can be very expensive. I know personally my budget for my wedding will not be spent on flowers. I plan on having my wedding at the beach with friends and family. We have planned everything to a tee and refuse to pay the insane costs. DIY has become to popular in many of areas why not flowers. We all like to get creative and why not and save money on flowers.

Bloominus also has quite a few youtube videos that you can check out to see how the flowers come together. Please feel free to subscribe to them also so you can be up to date on new videos to come!

You can also check them out on their other social media sites:

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