Sunday, February 15, 2015

DRY SKIN BRUSHING: 2015 Trend for Health & Beauty Review.

I recently had the chance to review this amazing skin brushing tool. First of all let me say it is very well crafted and looks very elegant sitting on my counter top in bathroom. This is not just some cheap brush. It has so much potential in helping my skin look great. This helps with circulation and removing dead skin. 

I do this twice a day and it only takes 5 or 10 minutes. My skin does get a little pink at first however goes away in a little while. Knowing I am helping rid my body to toxins, improving circulation and the condition of my skin in great, never thought a brush could do all this.

Important Information

For all adults. Improves blood circulation, moves the lymphatic system and improves skin well-being thanks to exfoliation and distribution of oils. Also is invigorating, helps mood, can reduce cellulite and more.

natural wood and natural bristles

Dry brush your skin daily or twice daily. Lightly brush in motions towards the heart, starting at the feet and moving up the body. Do not brush the face, and do not brush open sores. Light brushing may make the skin slightly pink. Great exfoliation which also boosts circulation and helps the lymphatic system. See brochure for detailed instructions. 

Our Long Handled Brush Can Change How You Feel - and in only 10 Minutes Per Day
Your skin is your body's largest organ. About 1/3 of impurities are expelled through the skin. Daily brushing stimulates circulation, removes dead cells on the surface & flushes toxins beneath it. Your blood circulation & lymphatic systems are part of your immune system. Also helpful in cellulite management, softening deposits of hard fat below the skin and preparing them for discharge. Brush in the morning before a shower (skin should be dry!), or before bed. Enthusiasts do both!

ALWAYS brush towards the heart. Start with your feet and use medium strokes. Don't forget under your arms as lymph nodes will benefit. Skin will feel refreshed. Avoid open sores of course. Do not brush face. Drink water afterward.

- Improve your health & your skin quality 
- Easy to hold & use, this will be one of the best purchases you make this year 
- Family members should not share brushes - Each should have their own!

Disclosure: I received this product and exchange for my honest unbiased review

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