Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sand, Sound & Soul: Sealing Your Wedding With A Pe Review

Disclosure: I received this book an exchange for my honest review

This is an absolutely beautiful book that would be a great read for those planning a wedding or just interested in weddings. I am in the process of planning a summer wedding so was very interested in getting some ideas.

The book is filled with endless information, advice, and expertise on making that day even more special. I found everything in the book to be refreshing yet very detailed that I would consider using for my special day. My favorite part was probably how much this book really helped me in designing my own sand palette based on core values. 

Book Summary

Discover Sand Ceremony Secrets for Creating the Best Wording, Unity Pouring Styles, and Color Palette Choices!
In her ground-breaking new book, Sand, Sound & Soul: Sealing Your Wedding with a Personalized Unity Sand Ceremony, Sharon Vaz takes you on a fascinating tour of today’s most unique wedding and commitment ceremony – capable of displaying your love on a whole new level.

The beauty of a Unity Sand Ceremony – and the secrets for making it all come together flawlessly on your special day – are all described in great detail in this book. You’ll fall in love with the concept of a Unity Sand Ceremony (if you’re not already). And you’ll know exactly how to design yours with astonishing relevance and an expression of the meaningful depth of your love and togetherness. 

From choosing the right wording to the best colors for your sand palette, Sharon Vaz walks you through the myriad of choices – explaining what they mean, how they got started, and how to make them possess even extra special meaning for you and your loved one. 

Special care is taken to show you how to choose the colors of your Unity Sand, as well as the vase that will forever memorialize your beautiful ceremony. Sharon Vaz also has a unique system for using your own “value system” as the basis for choosing colors. She shows you how to choose exactly the most appropriate colors, textures, and forms for the occasion. Nothing is left to chance. 

Ideal wordings are also supplied, with complete text for you, your partner, and the officiant or celebrant. Furthermore, special text can be read aloud so that all your guests understand what’s going on, too. When guests feel included and know what the ceremony means, it’s that much more special for everyone. They’re able to fully join in your emotion and enthusiasm. That’s why Sharon Vaz includes seven ready-to-use Officiant Introductions with this book! 

If you’re designing a wedding ceremony, a special anniversary, or any other ceremony, Sharon’s expertise and guidance will give your ceremony so much more than if you tried it from scratch on your own. Her unique flair comes through as she describes a customized sand pouring sequence – from the small and intimate to the large and elaborate ceremonies. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning. And don’t make the mistake of thinking you can “wing it”! You shouldn’t even think of planning a Unity Sand Ceremony without this book – with all the secrets and tips it holds for your special day! 

This is a kindle version.

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