Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ustyme - Video Valling/Reader/Game Platform Review

***Disclosure I received this product an exchange for my honest unbiased review

I had the chance to review this application for reading and video chatting and must say it was pretty neat. My 8 and 12 year old daughter loved it. Below are some of the stock photos to give you an idea of what the application looks like. There are tons of additional items you can purchase too.

My daughters both took both of our phones so they could video chat while interacting with the app. 

They also reached out to their grand parents who live in another state. This was a great way for them to be involved and interact.

ustyme is a free video calling app that enables families and friends to read books and play games with children while interacting with one another through a real-time, shared video experience. Ideal for parents traveling on business trips, grandparents and other relatives who live a long distance away, military personnel deployed abroad or divorced parents with limited access to their children, ustyme gives people the opportunity to meaningfully engage and build deeper connections with their loved ones through shared experiences, even when separated by geography.

The ustyme app is free and comes with 2 books and a game.  It has 300+ additional books and games available for purchase, and the library continues to grow every week.

ustyme is currently available on iPad, iPhone and Mac/PC via Chrome. An Android version will be released in Q1 2015.

On itunes you can download it here

And for the Mac/Pc you can find it here

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