Friday, October 23, 2015

Dancing Pet Natural Eye Tear Stain Remover.

My English Bulldog always ends up with tears are her left eye. The right eye is tan so possibly I just don't see it but the white fur on the left is very noticeable. It's a struggle trying to wash it off most of the time and I admit I should do it daily but that doesn't happen working full time and taking care of a family. I was excited to try this out and see how it would work.

I followed the directions shook the bottle up used the solution on a cotton ball. I wiped her around her eye and of course avoided contact with the actual eye. I could see a small improvement after the first use and liked the fact I didn't have to wash the solution off. I would say at day 4 her eye had all the gunk and stains pretty much gone. For the last two weeks I have been using this once a week and she looks so much better. It always use to look like she was crying and had a rusty look to her pretty white coat.

I have never owned an animal that has had stains by their eyes until this dog. All my others were German Shepherds and never white fur so I am sure that is why. I always though poodles and those types of dogs had these issues. Well I learned the hard way and really needed to find a better way to care for my baby and keep her clean. This solution has done that and the bottle will last quite some time. I know I will be purchasing in the future to keep Marley looking her best.

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I did receive this product for free for testing and review purposes.

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  1. Thanks for this. I've a cream colored frenchie too :))